• Two weeks, hands on training is offered to all life science graduates, twice a year, one in summer and another in winter, to orient them with current testing technologist in genetics.
    • In this program, they learn, peripheral blood culture, harvesting, slide preparation and banding techniques.
    • Identification of chromosomes and karyotyping and reporting according to ISCN (International system for Human cytogenetic nomenclature).
    • An overview of pedigree drawing and genetic counseling is also focused.
    • Interaction with practicing professionals in the field of Genetics is also organised by way of guest lectures
    • Fluorescence Insitu hybridization technique - FISH, an advanced molecular cytogenetic techniques also offered, in training on request.
  • Professional training- Training to lab technologists, Doctors, Research fellows in the field of genetics is also offered on request
  • Group workshops at university or medical college campus are conducted on request
  • Industrial visits, to the laboratory facility is also offered, on prior approval

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